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  • 英汉互译的qy188.vip千亿国际技巧有哪些


      There are great differences between English and Chinese in syntax, vocabulary, rhetoric and so on, so it is inevitable to encounter many difficulties in the process of English-Chinese translation, which requires some translation skills to guide. Now the customer service staff of Shanghai translation company will introduce the skills in detail.


      I. make full use of debris time


      When walking or taking a car, we should make full use of the fragmented time, think about a few Chinese words and figure out how to translate them into English. Just like copying idioms in primary and secondary schools, writing them down in a notebook will bring you harvest over time. Learn two "new words" every day in this way, and over time it will become your own thing. At the same time, in this process, you will gradually learn how to use sentences and phrases, and make great progress which shocked yourself. Be sure to review your notebook regularly, so that you will remember more and more firmly, output better and better, self-confidence will become more and more sufficient, and enter a "virtuous circle".


      Check your accent


      Everyone has a certain degree of accent. If you want to avoid this as much as possible and have an accent that sounds closer to native, you should study how native speakers move their mouths when speaking English. Try to imitate their movements. Please remember that accent is not fixed. If you don't keep practicing, your previous efforts may be in vain. You may wish to record the voice every time you practice, and focus on the pronunciation correction of specific syllables and words. There is another way: many online institutions now have free experience classes. We can try to let the teachers of foreign teachers correct our accent and point out our problems.


      3. Speak slowly


      You must speak Chinese much faster than English, because you don't need the main vocabulary or grammar. So when you speak English, you can safely and boldly "speak slowly". There is no need to catch up at all, so you can speak more easily. The most important thing is to do so. It's easier for people who listen to you to know what you're talking about. As your level increases, your English speaking speed will naturally increase. And as long as others can understand what you are talking about, this alone can motivate you to speak more in English. The more comfortable you feel when expressing in English, the faster you can speak.


      IV. listening and interacting, listening to audio books


      Listening is a way for everyone to learn a language, so we should always listen. If you are abroad, you should listen to others at the post office, shop and library. On the way to school and work. Listen to the radio and audio books, and import podcasts into your iPod. Make sure you are fully immersed in English. This will make it easier for you to think, express and communicate in English.


      V. practice expression


      A good way is visual translation. Targeted materials can make practice more efficient. After getting the materials, you should adjust your state, imagine yourself at the scene of translation, and bring yourself some pressure. After seeing the Chinese in the material, try to express it in the shortest time with the most fluent language. If there are any words or sentences that do not speak smoothly or have a bad structure, they can be recorded in a notebook, and then they can ask others for advice or find them by themselves. Through repeated training, it is possible to make obvious progress in expression.


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