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  • 译员如何去提升自己的口译水平?


      Interpretation is one of the ways of translation. It refers to the way in which the translator translates the target language into the target language in a colloquial way and makes oral translation. That is to say, simultaneous interpreters translate at the same time while the speaker is still speaking. Then, how can I improve my interpretation ability from the staff of Shanghai Translation Company?


      1. Excellent endurance and perseverance


      What I encountered in the interpreting training course was that many students felt impatient and bored before listening for long, so they were reluctant to continue listening. Therefore, many people, even with certain talents, can not grow up to be an excellent professional conference interpreter in the end. It can be said that most of the topics that professional conference interpreters encounter are boring. If you can't listen to them, you can't do this job. Therefore, those who are interested in professional interpreting should have at least four consecutive hours of listening, understanding, translation and presentation skills, because half-day meetings are usually 3-4 hours. Sometimes there will be five days of meetings with different contents. If you can't afford half a day, let alone five days. In addition to endurance, perseverance is also important. After lunch, it is easy to get sleepy. Interpreters need great perseverance to persevere. They can not relax at all. If they relax a little, they may miss the speech of the spokesman.


      2. Fast Learning Ability


      Interpreters face a wide range of topics, sometimes involving five different areas within a week, and many clients are unable to provide information in advance, which requires that interpreters have a fast learning ability, including preparation according to the agenda of the meeting and learning from the surrounding environment after going to the meeting site. Xi. Without the ability to learn quickly, I'm afraid it's very difficult to be competent for this job.


      3. Good Professional Ethics


      Personnel engaged in interpreting international conferences should have good professional ethics. Mainly include: a good concept of time, should be in accordance with the agreed time with customers to arrive in advance, usually at least half an hour in advance; for customers to keep secrets, because interpreters often participate in high-level talks, so have access to many important confidential information, but interpreters should strictly keep secrets, can not be on duty. Others mentioned that the relevant documents should be carefully stored; the meeting site should not be misjudged, the spokesperson's style varies greatly, some people have clear logic, some people have confused logic, nonsense, interpreters after many meetings, listen to the speaker with logical confusion prone to dissatisfaction, may be in the meeting site. To comment on the speaker, I think that interpreters should not make negative comments on the speaker in the venue; responsible attitude, often encounter some new interpreters who are not sure of themselves to attend the meeting, which is irresponsible for themselves and customers, this professional requirement on the venue can not go wrong, such as If you are not sure about the theme of the meeting, you shouldn't accept the job easily. Otherwise, it will not only destroy your reputation, but also bring losses to customers.


      4. Excellent listening, comprehension and expression skills in English and Chinese


      The importance of English learning is self-evident. Interpreters may come from different countries and have different accents. Therefore, in listening practice, we should listen to the English spoken by people from different countries, not just the pure English spoken by radio and television stations. It's better to find some recordings of the meeting. As far as Chinese is concerned, many beginners mistakenly believe that they have learned Chinese for decades, so their Chinese ability is not a problem. However, in the interpretation training course, many people understand the meaning of English, but the spoken Chinese can not understand. Another situation is that many people can't even grasp the meaning of a Chinese spokesman's speech accurately. Therefore, the ability to listen, understand and express Chinese is equally important.


      The above is what the Shanghai Translation Company shares with you today about how interpreters can improve their interpreting skills. I hope it will be helpful to you all. If you need to know more about Shanghai Translation Company, please contact us in time.


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